Medtech Dental, or MTD as we like to call it was created in 2013 by experienced dental executives that believed there were several unmet needs in the industry in the areas of:
Product portfolio
Practice differentiations and
New innovations route to market
Most of us coming from other industries before entering dental, we have always marveled about dental’s community unique ability to interact and innovate. Study clubs, congresses, events, on-line communications have counted industry professionals amongst the first early adopters in areas like technology and knowledge sharing.
However it was also remarkable that given all that creative power and talent, innovations tended to take more time to reach the market.
And while science and patient safety and satisfaction are at the core, we wanted to feed from the real innovative soul of dentist, crafting a modern and creative company that targets key problems and brings real solutions. Fast.
To that extent, MTD sought some of the great innovators in the dental and medical arena and tried to conform a scientifically solid and diverse team, identifying those real issues and bringing pioneering answers to tackle them, always utilizing the most rigorous scientific concepts and making research a key pillar of our success.
Today MedTechDental (MTD) is able to offer unique, scientifically proven patented solutions for some of these problems. These treatments will differentiate MTD dentists from the rest of the market as they can offer new treatments helping patients for the years to come.