MTD focus on R&D and science to get you the best results. Our goal is to identify the key problems of dentistry and offer doctors worldwide the opportunity to solve those cases with the best in class options, already tested and proven, delivering a win-win relationship for doctors and patients. Through our commitment to innovation, we create special products for special dentists. As our vision says our goal is to tackle current dental problems, delivering science based solutions to bring real long term benefits.
Science and innovation are at the core of MTD.
We have a different approach than most companies, based on two pillars
• Identifying the best dental therapy to treat a specific disease and find out the long and short term success rates of those remedies.
• Identifying the best solutions for similar pathologies outside dental and compare them to the existing success rates.
This dual scientific method allows us to take the best of both worlds and then create unique solutions that are tailor made for dentistry.
As an example we have taken one of the most reliable solutions to combat the same bacteria that inhabits the pockets and then combine them with proven existing treatments, plus adapting the formulation to fit the needs of doctors and patients, building on the cumulative experience of the medical and dental communities.
Here are some of the medical and dental studies and data supporting our approach.