Dentists know that it is vital to treat peri-implant mucositis promptly to prevent the onset of peri-implantitis and potential loss of the implant. Dental practices can now offer their patients a non-surgical (and on-site) treatment for this ever-growing condition. Implaprotect acts as a Stage 1 defence against peri-implantitis.
Implaprotect’s patented preparation brings together antibiotic and regenerative therapies to deliver an ‘all-in-one’ therapy for the localized treatment of peri-implant mucositis. The combined antibiotic and liquid solution is able to penetrate the micro-openings of the implant and attack and contain the spread of bacteria. This is combined with hyaluronic acid to stimulate bone regrowth, and improve osteogenic and osteoinductive activity.
Approximately 20% of implant patients go on to suffer from what has been referred to as the `ticking dental time bomb', peri-implantitis. Despite this, up to now there has been no recommended protocol or solution for dealing with this destructive inflammatory condition. However, Implacure gives dental practices new possibilities for treating the disease.
• Dentists can now offer patients a fast and affordable treatment that will help increase the chance of saving existing implants, and save patients from the discomfort of extraction and replacement.
• Implacure’s `all-in-one' approach allows dentists to carry out treatment on site, increase the chances to save the existing implant, reduce costs and save time. Implacure also ensures rigorous patient compliance because all aspects of the treatment are controlled by the dentist.

• The kit (including an antibacterial delivery system, burs to perform the implantoplasty treatment and regenerative and decontamination elements) ensures a safe and strong bone regeneration protocol to deliver a comprehensive treatment outcome. This helps with dental bone consolidation and enables vertical regeneration of the alveolar ridge. Decontamination is ensured with the use of high concentrations of CHX Gel and orthophosphoric acid.

Treatment of peri-implant mucositis or mild peri-implantitis (non-surgical)

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