Clinical framework: surgical treatment of infected implant

  • Implacure is our answer to one of main needs of dental profession: While favorable short-term outcomes were reported in many studies, lack of disease resolution as well as progression or recurrence of disease and implant loss despite treatment were also reported. (Lisa J.A. Heitz-Mayfield, A. Mombelli, 20xx)

  • Implacure is only product in the market that provides clinical results documented over 5 years. It is born in 2011 driven with R&D to close gaps of thorough implant decontamination: the mechanical removal of bio-film, potent local antibiotic treatment and regeneration of infected and damaged tissues. Piperacillin-Tazobactam has been demonstrated to reduce risk of inflammatory actions, hence promotes healing and osseointegration. The hyaluronic acid biomaterial, gives an optimal plasticity to the particles of autologous bone, allograft, hydroxyapatite used to fill bone defects. Increased osteogenic and osteoconductive properties for stimulatory effects on osteoblasts Promotes and accelerates the substitution of the clot with granulation tissue. Accelerates the bone deposition and remodeling (bone regenerative properties)

  • Implacure provides: clear patented, clinically proven, step-by-step method in treatment of peri-implantitis. A blueprint how to treat complex problem

  • Each step is well documented and researched for its SINGULAR effectiveness

  • Complete treatment provides SYNERGY of single components

  • Procedures and devices have been studied to save operators handling time

  • Patient management (communication for pre-treatment, treatment and post-treatment / maintenance phase)

  • Excellent material costs / treatment revenue ratio

  • Dentist has the access to “Implacure Protocol” research community and high differentiation potential on clinical/academic research